A new approach to Enterprise Application Development using technologies that yield robust, maintainable, extendible, and scalable systems.

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    developed to be strong and sturdy
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    all aspects of security and vulnerability
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    respond to requirement changes easily
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    react to bug discovery quickly
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    iteratively improve based on the requirements
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    quickly add functionality
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    react to usage patterns
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    scale vertically & horizontally

Enterprise Application Development (EAD) refers to building large, scalable business solutions that is instrumental in implementing the business rules. Using a distributed architecture that does not rely solely on just one system, allows for the redundancy and a 24/7 uptime.

These mission-critical solutions hosts highly sensitive and secure data for the organization that must be preserved. These solutions are intended to solve the enterprise-wide problems.

Our approach is as follows:

  • adjustRequirement GatheringWe use an Agile mentality to gather requirements, understanding that requirements may change and evolve. We create a Scrum team that is capable of adhering to the Agile Methodology and create a system iteratively for the business to validate every Sprint.
  • securityUnderstanding Security Concerns Most (if not all) of these solutions will host very sensitive data that requires the at-most attention to the security of the data. There are several means by which this is attained specifically by understanding and avoiding the potential vulnerabilities that are inadvertently embedded into a system. This includes understanding and continuously monitoring vulnerability within third-party software.
  • starUsing Specialized TechnologiesUsing the most appropriate technologies suitable for implementing the most intricate parts of the requirements yield a slim yet efficient solution. Technologies that are standards and widely used has lots of history of solving these problems posed by the corporate environment. Our team works with the industry standards and provide input into it via github and other open source community.
  • trending_upSolutions that PerformThe problems that are faced by most of the corporations are problems that have solutions either as a form or patterns or applications. These solutions have been audited and vetted long enough to prove it value. The technologies that we use have a discipline of these patterns and have proven themselves to be effective.
  • autorenewReuse not RecreateKeep It Simple is probably the best recommendation when it comes to enterprise development. The complexity comes from the requirements but should not come from the technologies that is used to solve these requirements. Our team has a repertoire of simple implementation that can be re-used for different types of problems, similar to enterprise patterns.