Using effective technologies that automates business processes and business rules to improve service quality, service delivery, and mitigate cost. Using Business Process Management tools, the corporate business rules can be automated and monitored without using resources.

Depending on the business, there are areas in the business process where a manual intervention is required. These areas are identified and given special attention to since this can potentially be the bottleneck of the process. We will design the automation of the business process using BPM and provide a solution that best fits the corporate needs adhering to the design of being cost efficient and performant.

Our team will develop and design a system that will create the automation process by understanding the requirements of the corporation. We will design the process using technology such as jBPM and Drools (BRMS) that can easily change as the requirement evolves. We create a workflow similar to the following that provides a high-level understanding of the different elements of the processes.

Our approach is as follows:

  • grainDesign WorkflowWorkflows help communicate every tasks involved within the business automation process and is essential in implementing the process. The tasks will include corporate business rules such as corporate activities, customer management, credit card transaction, shipment process, and others.
  • appsBusiness Process Management Tools Using tools such as jBPM can make the process of automation efficient and effective. Given the landscape of constant evolution and changes, BPM tools allow us to change without changing the implementation.